PGF Varsity Golf Package Set


PGF Varsity Golf Package Set

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Finally, a package set designed for the in-betweeners. These are for Youths too big for Junior clubs but not yet ready for a full-sized set. Introducing the PGF Varsity Package. Full-sized 460cc Driver, high launching Fairway and Hybrid with the essential #5, #7, #9, PW and SW irons designed to flight the ball high and straight with wide soles and generous offset. The combination of 1″ shorter than men’s length with Lite flex shafts ensure the clubs are easy to swing and launch the ball high. The package is completed with Heel-Toe style putter, flashy cart bag with 14-way top and matching head covers.

Youth’s Package Set – 1w, 3w + 4/5 Hyb x 5, 7, 9, PW, SW irons + Putter & Bag with head covers

  • –460cc Full-Sized Driver
  • –High Launch Fairway Wood
  • –High Launch Alloy Hybrid
  • –High Launch Oversized Stainless #5, #7, #9, PW & SW Irons
  • –Heel-Toe Putter
  • –Graphite Shaft In Driver
  • –Matching Cart Bag With Head covers

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